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The Kiwanis Children's Garden is a free and accessible place of wonder, beauty, and fun. Hollandia Gardens Association had the initial idea of a children's garden for the Snyder Park Gardens and Arboretum. The garden was designed and planned at a time when Hollandia was looking for an additional community partner. At this time the Kiwanis Club of Springfield was looking for a project to benefit children as a legacy gift tot he community honor of the club's 100th anniversary in May 2019. Currently, the Kiwanis Club of Springfield is solely responsible 

We are grateful for the vision and work of Earl Robinson, Kent Sherry, and Paulette Thomas. Without their hard work and dedication, Kiwanis could not have completed the garden. Our appreciation also goes out to the National Trails Park and Recreation Department, and the Clark County Master Gardeners for their partnership. 

Year by year


Springfield Kiwanis Club and Hollandia Gardens partnered to build the children’s garden at the Snyder Park Gardens & Arboretum. 


Hardscape and landscape of the Children’s Garden began.


Dedication of the Kiwanis Children’s Garden to the City of Springfield. Installation of landscape began. 


Programming has continued! In partnership with the National Trails Parks and Recreation District, Kiwanis hosts monthly events at the garden for children to learn about nature and the world around them. 

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